The World's first AI Driven Enterprise Software Reliability Platform.
Introduction to Watermelon
You’re in Good Company
Watermelon SLO Manager enabled measuring Super App reliability during launch and post go-live, ensuring alignment with customer experience and business objectives.
A Leading Multinational Conglomerate 
Chaos Engineering helped us understand our systems better, avoiding incidents and also helped with improving our engineering standards.
A Large Bank in Asia Pacific
In the POC itself we discovered 30% of our login requests had response time issues in our Mobile Banking function through the lens of SLO even though we have APM.
A Large Bank in Asia Pacific
Time to automate testing for a complex claims journey reduced from 3 weeks to 90 minutes.
A large Global Insurer 
For the first time, our manual testers could test for API without any code. 
One of the largest regional Insurers in Asia Pacific
Getting to Software Reliability with Watermelon
Watermelon simplifies reliability across the board, with a holistic, zero-code, modular platform, addressing challenges for all personas across the application lifecycle.

Functional Testing
API Testing
Chaos Engineering
SLO Management
The best in class Offerings for Reliability
AI Driven
No Code
Service Virtualization
Performance Testing
Continuous Verification
Predictive Capacity Management
Auto Remediation
Knowledge Management
Watermelon Modules
AI Driven Functional Testing
Our no-code testing module revolutionizes industry standards by offering advanced AI-driven solution for Web, Mobile, Desktop and Legacy applications. We not only tackle common testing challenges but elevate the process with a focus on reliability, incorporating cutting-edge Observability Driven Testing concepts. It's a game-changer in ensuring software excellence across platforms.
No Code API Testing
Watermelon's AI-powered API module delivers a no-code approach for comprehensive testing, including tech and business validations. It supports data-driven and chained API testing, with auto-generation of test cases in six categories, streamlining the testing process efficiently and effectively without coding requirements.
Chaos Engineering
Watermelon's Chaos Engineering module proactively uncovers system weaknesses early in the lifecycle through over 180 failure injection scenarios across on-premise and Cloud platforms. We simulate failures across complex business journeys and automatically correlate these with customer experience, ensuring robustness and reliability.
SLO Management
Watermelon's cutting-edge SLO Management platform leverages data across APM, Log ingestion tools, Databases and Cloud monitoring systems to manage reliability of business journeys proactively. Through the lens of Service Level Objectives (SLOs), it offers deep insights, and influences processes, all aimed at achieving system reliability.
Why Watermelon
Ease of use
We pride ourselves in the experience our platform offers to end users. Our design experts have gone through thousands of iterations to simplify and abstract the complexity to promote usability and adoption.
Ease of licensing
Enterprise software is often easier to buy but notoriously difficult to adopt because of licensing constrains. At Watermelon, we aim to make buying and adopting software easy by licensing the platform per application in scope.
Industry agnostic
Reliability is every organization’s necessity and as long as your organization requires software to fuel it’s businesses, we remain hugely relevant in enabling Reliable Digital Systems.
Single Unified platform
Holistic Reliability requires multiple technical capabilities to come together and work in harmony. We address the silo’d nature of the SDLC by bringing all necessary functions into a single, no-code platform that can be used by various personas.
Truly no-code
Our deep understanding of reliability challenges has resulted in the comprehensive no-code functionality of the platform, that enables users to achieve their outcomes of any complexity through readily available no-code functions.
Been there, done that
Our core team comprises of leaders who have scaled great heights across engineering, testing and operations over the past two decades. The Watermelon platform is a culmination of our collective experience.
Why is Reliability a Challenge ?
1. Design
Systems are plagued with unvalidated architecture, operational flaws with unknown failure points and inherent weaknesses.
2. Code
Code is usually developed with a focus on functionality and not always keeping Reliability and Customer Experience in focus. This is hampered due to lack of deep and early performance/observable insights during development.
3. Testing
Testing is complex, silo’d and heavily skills dependent making it slow and expensive without achieving the right outcome. It is seen as a cost center rather than a quality center.
4. Release
Customer Experience and Systems stability do not influence release cadence causing an imbalance between velocity and stability.
5. Observability
Observability is not comprehensive and reactive in nature leading to unmeasured undercurrents impacting customer experience consistently.
6. Incident response
Incident Response is reactive in nature due to lack of proper knowledge management to address incidents swiftly either manually or through auto-remediation.
About us
We are a global company with offices in Singapore, San Jose and Mumbai.

Our core team comprises business and engineering leads who have been SRE practitioners for the better part of the last two decades.
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